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This XO Signature by El Septimo Cognac is meticulously crafted using younger XOs, resulting in a harmonious and limited selection that embodies youthful vibrancy. This XO stands out with its bright fruit characteristics and an impressive depth of maturity, highlighted by the lustrous flavors of oak.

The nose offers an exciting bouquet of apples and fresh-cut flowers, which unfold into a complex aroma of caramel, engaging and inviting.


On the palate, it presents a rich texture dominated by flavors of raisins, toffee, and almonds, beautifully complemented by the zest of orange marmalade, creating a full-bodied and flavorful experience.

The finish is gentle, featuring notes of young almonds and fresh-cut flowers, delivering a rich, delicate, and complex conclusion.

The profile of this cognac is characterized by mature stone fruits and soft oak flavors, making it a refined and memorable selection.

Explore the distinctive elegance of El Septimo’s XO Signature. This limited-edition cognac offers a unique opportunity to savor a blend where youthful freshness and mature complexity meet.


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