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The Wines of Château La Croix Younan

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Discover the Legacy of Excellence: Château La Croix Younan.

The storied wines of Château La Croix Younan, tracing their origins back to the 1950s, are celebrated for producing some of the richest, most luxurious premium wines on Bordeaux’s Right Bank. Formerly known as Château la Croix Fourney, this esteemed estate was acquired by Younan Company in 2015


The name change is a testament to the unwavering commitment and passion of CEO Zaya Younan to create exceptional, handcrafted wines, always prioritizing quality over quantity.

**Varietal Composition:**

– **77% Merlot**

– **23% Cabernet Sauvignon**

In 2020, Château La Croix Younan achieved a remarkable milestone at the London Tasting held by The Grand Cercle des Vins de Bordeaux. Out of over 140 applicants, only four wineries were selected to participate. Château La Croix Younan’s three vintages were blind-tested, earning an overwhelming approval from 12 out of 14 board members. This historic achievement marks the first time an American-owned vineyard from Saint-Émilion has been included in the Rive Droite, an elite selection of 113 wines that epitomize winemaking excellence on Bordeaux’s Right Bank.

Château La Croix Younan stands as a beacon of dedication and expertise, reflecting the meticulous craftsmanship and passion that define its exceptional wines. Each bottle is a testament to the estate’s rich heritage and Zaya Younan’s vision of excellence. Experience the unparalleled richness and luxury of Château La Croix Younan, where tradition meets innovation, and every sip tells a story of winemaking mastery.


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